Saturday, September 7, 2013

P&G Beauty United Launch Event

With Annick & Steph.

 Last Monday  I attended a launch event hosted by Proctor & Gamble Canada for their new blogger program, "Beauty United".  The event took place at the Trump Hotel in Toronto and P&G even paid for my taxi down there which although it's like a $10 ride it made me feel special haha.  I was admittedly a little nervous when I stepped inside especially as I was wearing jeans and sandals and most of the girls were all dolled up.  This feeling immediately disappeared as I was happy to see some familiar faces there:  Michelle, Steph, Esther, and Annick (all the way from New Brunswick!).
  The second stop for me was to the treat table which was full of cookies, brownies, etc. you name it and it was there.  I stuffed my face (and purse sshhhh) and then we made our way to the presentations. 

  The first presentation was via teleconference from Cincinnati and was about studies that have been down on people's impressions based on how much makeup a woman is wearing.  Honestly I didn't take much from this as I could care less if people thought I was less trustful for wearing a lot of makeup.  I could however see how this information could be useful in certain settings such as a job interview.

  The second presentation was also via teleconference and was about ingredient safety which is an issue that interests me.  As someone with sensitive skin and a boyfriend with even more sensitive skin I have to be careful about what products I not only use on myself but bring into my household.  I also found it interesting how they stated "natural" ingredients aren't always better as I've had problems with natural ingredients before. 
  After the presentations were were shown two runway inspired looks.  The first as seen above featured a beautiful reddish smokey eye and sleeked back hair.  I wans't big on the hair but I love the eyemakeup.  Luckily we received the products to create this eye makeup look :)

  The next look (on the right) was my favourite as I loved the big hair and the retro makeup.  The lip products used were Cover Girl Lip Pencil in Sophisticated and Lipstick in Hot.  I plan on purchasing both!

  After the presentations we were left to wander booths that were set up featuring Clariol products, Vensus razers, Vidal Sassoon, Cover Girl, Crest, and Pantene Pro V.  Since it was so packed I only go to speak to the expert at the Clariol booth.  I had said that I was tempted to dye my hair but not sure.  He suggested  that I could do some light highlights in the bottom (like an ombre) but said it looked fine the way it was.  I still don't know what I will do but it was nice hearing an expert saying I had nice hair haha :)

With Michelle & Steph
With Esther from in a nutshell...
  I had such a nice time at the event!  Huge thanks to Jenn from MSL Group for inviting me :)  The goody bags we received were very generous so I will save those contents for my next post.


  1. Oh looks like an awesome event. I have to be careful what I use on my skin too, otherwise my skin fares up due to my eczema, xoxo.

  2. "The Macaroon won't go in!!!"
    lol fun times fun times :P btw I saved this picture of us~^^

  3. looks like such a fun & great event :) you ladies all look wonderful :D

    xoxo, charlene

  4. You guys look so cute! I have seen CG lipstick in "hot" and I'm pretty sure you'll like it!

  5. Wow that looked like so much fun! I would have loved to go to an event like that! :)

  6. Looks like a really fun event!! Lovely photos xx

  7. It was really nice to see you again Christine ^_^ I was relieved to see you and Steph, and that everyone was so friendly :)
    And, pft you looked great and your outfit was perfect!!! xox

  8. Looks like so much fun! Those desserts look delicious.

  9. You looked great ;)
    Stay away from box hair dyes!

  10. Christine~
    Just wanted to say miss your posts, but hope that everything is going well with you!

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  12. this event looks fab! hope you had an amazing christmas and a happy new year!!


  13. So lucky that you got to go to that event!!

    Would appreciate if you checked out my blog

  14. Looks like a fab event, glad you had fun!


  15. Cute photos :) You look like you had fun!
    -Jenna <3
    Follow me please?? The Chic Cupcake