Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November Favourites

  I generally try to rotate my products but these are some items I've been reaching for a bit more this month.  I will do in deph reviews of these products in later posts as I feel like they're all gems in my makeup collection.

1. MUA Heaven & Earth Palette: This is the most wearable eyeshadow palette I've ever owned.  Every single shade suits me and they all go together well.  The lighter colours are the perfect highlight shades and I've almost hit pan on them.
2. MAC Rebel Lipstick: Now that it's winter I've been reaching for this dark burgundy shade a lot, especially for nights out.  I look very young for my age (I'm 26 and get offered children's menus at restaurants) and feel like this lipstick makes me look older.
3. MAC Impassioned Lipstick: I just purhased this lipstick in November and I love it so much.  It's a neon dark reddish pink.  Very unique and pretty.
4. Topshop Neon Rose Cream Blush: This blush is so vibrant and easy to use.  It makes my dull (thanks, winter) skin glow.
4.Illamasqua Morale Blush: This blush is depotted into a mineral powder pot since I'm clumbsy and dropped it :(  It's not as scary on as it looks in the pot.  It's a purplish dark pink and goes well with Rebel lipstick.
5. Smashbox Shimmer Soft Lights: My new holy grail highlighter.  It can be either subtle or extreme based on application.  It's a pinky beige colour but goes well with both pink and peach blushes.

Essie Chocolate Kisses Nail Polish:  I love this dark brownish red.  Some Essie polishes aren't that great but the forumla of this one is really nice.
Hard Candy Beetle Nail Polish: This nail polish looks different colours depending on the light.  No picture could ever do it justice.
Nails Inch Kensington Caviar Top Coat: As I said above I am very clumbsy and since this dries COMPLETLY within a few minutes I can now paint my nails without ruining the polish.


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  3. I would loveeee to get my hands on that MUA palette!!;)

    1. it's such a steal. next time i see that they have free shipping i'll make a post :)

  4. i want to find a burgundy lipstick that i can feel comfortable wearing! they look sooo good on other people and i think i just need to step a little outside my shell on this one.
    the Hard Candy nail polish looks so interesting!

    1. i totally know how you feel! up until last year i would only wear light lip colours. rebel is a good place to start though because it's not too dark and is easy to wear lightly.