Saturday, November 17, 2012

Review: Sleek Blush in Rose Gold

Please excuse the packaging. This has been in and out of my makeup bag.

  This blush is said to be a dupe for Nars Orgasm and since Orgasm is too red for me I have been on the hunt for a peachier version for literally years.  I first heard of this blush from blogs and when I went to the UK last year I went to every Superdrug I could find and this was sold out everywhere. BUT there were testers so I was able to swatch it which revealed that it was a beautiful colour and good quality. As soon as I got home I attempted to order it online but it was sold out. It finally came in stock a few months later and I ordered it right away. It’s been love ever since.

  Rose Gold is a warm toned shimmery pink.  You definitely don’t need to wear a highlighter with this and that combined with its sleek packaging makes it perfect for travelling.  For me this is my go to blush for red lipstick; the 2 just go together so well. It also looks nice with peach and light pink lip colours.

I will definitely repurchase this blush.

You can get Sleek Rose Gold Blush from for $5.99USD and shipping is around $4 and took 2 weeks to arrive.


  1. It's so gutting when you can't just pop into the actual store to get the item you want, then you have to wait ages and the whole ordering and shipping, extra costs. This happens to me all the time with NYX and a few Australian brands I love. However, living in the UK I have tried and tested all Sleek's blushers and they are honestly all amazing - if you get the chance to come to the UK, try a few more, the price of them here is much cheaper too!

    Thanks for posting!
    Love Jayde-Paris xxxxx

    1. The shipping for Sleek is actually great! I've been to the UK and played around with the testers in Superdrug so luckily I was able to get an idea at what this was like :)