Saturday, December 22, 2012

MAC Lavish Rose Lip Gloss Set

MAC Lavish Rose Lip Gloss Set $38.50

  When the MAC Glamour Daze collection came out this was one of the items at the top of my wishlist but with all the Christmas shopping I had to do I never picked it up.  I was therefore SUPER happy that this was one of my early Christmas presents.

L to R: Demure, Going Casual, Boys Go Crazy, and Colour Saturation

  This set contains 4 lipglosses of various finishes.  Demure is a light warm pink with a hint of shimmer, Going Casual is a cremey blue toned light pink (similar to MAC Angel Lipstick), Boys Go Grazy is a mix of dark purple and burgundy glitter, and Colour Saturation is a very pigmented and cremey berry shade.

I should have worn a pink blush when taking these pictures. Oops.
  I absolustely love how these lip glosses look and feel.  They all look good both on their own or layered over lipsticks.  I don't even think I could pick a favourite out of the bunch.

  If you need a last minute gift or want to treat yourself I definately recommend picking up this set.  I'm really tempted to pick up the Coctail Coral set as well.


  1. Those glosses look gorgeous, love mac sooo much :) x

  2. Gorgeous shades :)

  3. wow, love them!!

  4. I've seen a few posts of this gloss set but never saw the colours put onto lips so I'm so happy you actually put the gloss on your lips :) They're all so pretty and all suit you :) x

    1. I luckily was able to catch some sunlight so I could take pictures of my makeup for once! Thank you :)

  5. They all look stunning especially demure!!! I saw these the other day I really want them haha:P

    1. I'm pretty sure these sales go on sale for Boxing Day. Hopefully you can get one :)

  6. These glosses are all so gorgeous!!

  7. This lip gloss set looks amazing!

    Kimberley x

    1. I see you have it in your wishlist on your blog; hopefully Santa will be good to you :)

    2. i agree!!! my fav is the deep red color!
      Follow me?
      -Jen <3

  8. Beautiful colors!!!
    I wish you a Merry Christmas!
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    ………, • '*♥* ' • ,
    ……. '*• ♫♫♫•*'
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    …………….♥ Besos, desde EspaƱa, Marcela♥

  9. I love the demure!! Followed :)

    Summer x