Monday, December 3, 2012

MAC Lipstick Collection

1. Ruby Woo  2. Beatuy (LE)  3. Playing Koi (LE)  4. Brick-O-La  5. Viva Glam Nicki  6. Coral Bliss  7. Rebel  8. St. Germain  9. Impassioned  10. Up The Amp

Same order as above.

   For the past few years I've been collecting MAC lipsticks.  They're just a few dollars more than a drugstore lipstick (in Toronto atleast) and far better quality.  I've also gotten a number of these for free with the MAC 2 Back program where you return 6 empty MAC products in exchange for a free lipstick, gloss, or eyeshadow.

Ruby Woo: This is the perfect retro, 1940s red.  But it's the most drying lipstick in my collection so I rarely wear it on it's own.

Beauty:  Beauty is a greyish light pink.  This is limited edition and came out with the Glamour Daze collection this fall.  I thought this lipstick would be the perfect light pink but it looks weird on it's own.  I wear this with dark pink gloss to brighten it up.

Playing Koi: This is a limited edition lipstick from the Quite Cute collection from spring 2011. This is a light creamy peach that I mainly wear this when I wear fake tan with a shimmery gloss on top. It's one of my favourite lipsticks ever and I found a dupe in Barry M Pale Nude.

Brick-O-La:  Brick-O-La is a reddish brown.  I admittedly don't wear this enough and need to try to wear it soon.

Viva Glam Nicki:  This will only be available until next Feb. I think.  It's a bright neon pink.  I only wear this in the summer because it's so bright.

Coral Bliss:  Coral Bliss is a light sheer peach.  This only suits me with fake tan so I don't wear it often.

Rebel:  This is a dark pinky purple.  I love this lipstick and wear it a lot, especially for nights out.  You can see me wearing it here.

St. Germain:  St. Germain is a Pepto Bismal pink.  I regret buying this as it looks awful on me.  It looks really dated and washes out my complexion.

Impassioned:  This is a reddish dark pink.  This is a beautiful and unique colour and I really recommend it.

Up The Amp: Up The Amp is a mid toned purple but since it shows up too dark on my lips I usually wear a baby pink underneath it.


  1. they are all so pretty, I'm really excited to get ruby woo, how do you deal with the dryness? xx

    1. I have to wear a gloss on top of it, always :( It still looks nice though.

  2. Beautiful colors!!! thank you so much for your visit!!!
    I follow you now! and I added you by G+ too! I'm very happy if you do the same.
    Have a good week! and my G+ for you...

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  3. Lovely collection. I like the look of Playing Koi. I love Impassioned it's one of my faves.

  4. Awesome collection, #2 #3 and #6 are probably something I would wear, I gravitate toward more of the 'nude' looking colours

  5. Great collection! Impassioned is one of my all time favourites xx

  6. Gorgeous collection! I could see myself wearing all of those, except for 4 and 10 and I'm usually quite picky with lip shades :)

    Joanne x

    1. I didn't think I'd like them either but they were gifts and I was suprised how nice they looked on.

    I love your MAC lipsticks! The shades are gorgeous - the one syou have :)

    new fan/follower here!

  8. Great collection. I have been wearing Rebel a lot lately.
    Beauty Makeup Addict

  9. How much are mac lipsticks in toronto? In louisiana they are $15 I think..