Monday, March 25, 2013

My Weekend in Pictures

  Nothing too exciting happens during the work week so I really only took pictures on the weekend.  This weekend was great as I got to spend time with family.  My boyfriend met me after work on Friday and we popped over to my mum and step dad's to pick up their dog since they're heading to Jamaica for a week and my sister was going out that night.  On Satuday my sister, boyfriend, and I (with doggy in tow) headed out to visit my dad, step mom, grandparents, aunt, uncle, and cousins.  I took a lot of pictures of my 10 year old twin cousins but don't want to put pictures of them on the internet.

Picture #1: My mum and her family in the 70s.  All with very bad hair (except my aunt who is the little girl).
Picture #2: Bringing out the bright blush for spring.
Picture #3: My sis with my some crazy glasses.
Picture #4: This little guy was kidnapped at a party we had last fall but we got him back.  I woke up yesterday to him wearing my headband.
Picture #5: My step dad found this one pound savings bond that belonged to his grandparents from 1939.
Picture #6: Went to a British food store to buy cheese & onion chips :)
Picture #7: Mother.
Picture #8: $10 Jamaican.

Picture #9: Easter presents for my little cousins.
Picture #10: Sneaky pic.
Picture #11: Puppy :)
Picture #12: Sinful Colors "Hottie"
Picture #13: Wally and me.
Picture #14: My grandma as a baby.
Picture #15: My picture of Cobourg ruined by a pole.
Picture #16: My cousins kitty hoodie (the hood had kitty ears!).

I hope everyone has a good week!


  1. Fun photos! Really like that cute kitty hoodie and the nail polish looks great! The retro family photos are neat too :)


    1. Thanks Jen :) Romwe has a similar kitty sweater for adults and I have to admit I'm tempted haha.

  2. 13 is my favorite. You are really pretty and your dog is so cute!

  3. Wally is so adorable! Great photos and glad you had a fun weekend :) xx

  4. great pics from the weekend! looks like you had a good one! i love your nail polish, so gorgeous!

    -ariel* xoxo

    1. I'm in love with that glitter polish, it goes with every base colour!

  5. The photo of you and your mum's dog is lovely!! xx

  6. Aw, you look so pretty in the picture of you and the puppy! He looks like such a cutie!

    E x