Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Nail Polish Storage

Devu Cosmetics Nail Polish Acrylic Rack

  I have a bit of a nail polish addiction.  It's something that started when I was around 8.  I had a plastic toolbox that was full of colourful and glittery nail polishes.  I've always been after something that would neatly store my polishes and make it easy to pick a colour.  When I found this online I had to order it right away.  Now this stand only fits 30 polishes and I own WAY more than that.  I've decided to use it to hold the polishes I see myself using this winter and have been rotatng the shades I have on display.

  This stand is made from clear acrylic and has 5 rows.  You have to assemble it yourself but it was easy to do without a screw driver and took all of 5 minutes.  It was kind of pricey at $25 + taxes and shipping (from Canada) but I had a 25% off code at the time.  You can find similar and cheaper stands on eBay.

  I'm hoping this stand will help me stop buying nail polish because I obviously have every colour I would possibly need.  So far that plan has failed because I picked up another OPI nail polish the other day...


  1. Love the stand!!! I wish I could find one where I live:)

  2. Thank you for following! You have a really great blog! So, how many polishes do you think you own? I *think* I'm at 375!

    1. Thank you :) I have given a lot away I think I was at around 100. I just thought they'd go bad before I could use them up. I currently have around 50.