Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Nars Blush in Exhibit A

  As I've gotten more interested in makeup I've learned the scarier the product looks, the better it is.  My sister bought this blush and found it too hard to work with so she passed it on to me :)

  Exhibit A gives you a natural "just been outside in the cold" kind of glow.  Paired with red lipstick I think it creates a really retro makeup look.  It looks really Christmas-y too.

  You definately need a light hand with Exhibit A if you have pale skin like me.  It is extremely pigmented and vibrant which means it will probably work on a variety of skintones.  To make this blush workfor me I gently tap the pan with my brush and lightly pat it on to me cheeks.  I then take a clean brush to blend it out  (a sponge would work too).

Nars blushes are a splurge at $32 CAD (Sephora, Holt Renfrew, & The Bay) but you need so little of this blush it will last years and years.


  1. hi Christine
    this is an absolutely gorgeous color! first look at the blush and it definitely looks scary - the red is so bright! but then i turn to Exhibit A, and it looks amazing on you! i am definitely going to look at red blushes in a whole new light now - thanks!

    1. lol i just realized i misread your sentence when you said Exhibit A - hehe i thought that's what you were labeling your pictures as - oops! so let me rephrase my sentence and just say Exhibit A looks amazing on you!

    2. Thank you Helen! It is really scary looking in the pan but I really recommend it.

  2. Wow, I admit I've seen red blushers in the past and have been like 'no way, that looks too over the top' but it looks so stunning on you, I'll definitely have to purchase one now! Thank you for sharing! Love Jayde-Paris xxxx ps. I love your posts!!!