Thursday, December 20, 2012


  ASOS usually holds 2 big sales a year.  One in the summer and one in December.  The sale started yesterday with a lot of items priced at 50% off.  I want A LOT but seeing as I have too much stuff am broke I was a good girl and just bought 3 things.  They have a lot of makeup on sale too but I limited myself to clothes.
Purple midi pencil skirt, "The Horrors" t-shirt, River Island Jewel Collar Dress

  Unfortunately a lot of the items I had bookmarked are not on sale but I will be patient and wait.  There are some other things that are marked down that I really want but I will wait until Boxing Day to decide whether I'll take the plunge on any of them.

1. Bambam Leggings
2. Chunky Rib Cardigan
3. River Island Leopard Chelsea Boots
4. Textured Coatigan
5. Bomber Jacket

Yo can check out the ASOS sale HERE.


  1. I have the same issues... totally broke and have too much stuff, but I the holiday spirit (and sales) get me in the mood for shopping :)

    1. I think I've bought more for myself this month than I have all year :( All these sales are dangerous.

  2. Great post! My name is chrsitine too!
    Yeah the asos sale was amazing!!!

    follow each other?
    I'm new to blogspot..

    xx thanks chic

  3. I want the Chunky Rib Cardigan and the Textured Coatigan.

    Must resist... I bought waayyy too much stuff this month.

    1. Hopefully they go down to a really cheap price so you won't feel guilty :)

  4. It's so hard to say no to the Christmas sales!!

    Also I nominated you for the Versitile blogger award - here is the link: