Saturday, July 20, 2013

Accessorize Merged Baked Blusher in Quiver

  I feel like I haven't posted in forever even though it's only been a week  :(  Today I'll be talking about this beautiful blush that I received from Jess in our swap way back in March.  My fellow Canadians might remember Accessorize stores as we used to have them here but they went out of business around 5 years ago.  I had never tried Accessorize makeup before (only their nail polish) but I did however buy one of these blushes in a hot pink shade for my friend when I went to Scotland in 2011.

  Quiver is a mauve-pink that leans more warm when on my face.  This has the perfect amount of sheen to it as it's not too frosty or sparkley.  When I wear Quiver I don't need to wear a highlighter on top.  If you're not a big fan of shimmery blushes you might actually like this as the sheen is very subtle and doesn't highlight any inperfections on the skin.

  I have to comment on the packaging of Accessorize products because it's so pretty and girly.  The blush itself is baked and contains veins of different shades of pink.  It kind of reminds me of MAC's Mineralize Skinfinishes but with less veining.  I find baked products are usually hard to pick up on your makeup brush but Quiver is very smooth and easy to use.  The pigmentation of this blush is quite sheer but it's easily buildable with a few layers.  Since it is sheer I sometimes use it as a highlighter over top of different blushes as it has a nice sheen to it.

  Quality wise Quiver doesn't last too long on my skin.  In the pictures above this is my second appliation as a 15 minute walk in the heat made it melt off my face (this was around 4 hours after my first application).  As the packaging is quite bulky and doesn't contain a mirror it's not the best blush to carry around either.  However when used on top of another blush as a highlight, Quiver can last a good 8 hours on my face.  I usually carry a big makeup bag around with me so I'm not too annoyed by the fact that I have to reapply this blush.


  1. It is such cute packaging! Have you tried it on top of a cream blush?

  2. I haven't tried Accessorize makeup yet, I just didn't think the quality would be great. However I do love the packaging!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  3. This blush looks extremely flattering on your skin!

  4. When I first saw the packaging, I thought it was Milani!

  5. I've never heard of this brand, but I like the girly packaging! This gives such a pretty glow; sorry to hear the staying power wasn't great. And I'm in the same boat- haven't posted in almost a week and it really does feel like forever!


  6. It's so pretty and the packaging too! Too bad it doesn't last all day though.

  7. This blusher is so pretty and I love the packaging. It's such a shame it doesn't last long at all :(

    Kimberley x (currently running an international MAC giveaway)

  8. It looks like a really pretty shade, sad that it doesn't last well! xx

  9. i have this product and totally agree with you! on the look out for a good highlighter at the moment!


  10. I'm usually not a big fan of baked blushes but this looks lovely on you! The packaging is a lot like Milani baked blushes. Your pictures are great btw... I need a new camera, lol.

    Eyeshadow Addicts Anonymous

    1. Yeah they usually have a weird texture but this one is nice. Thank you :) I hate my camera though!